Join A Green Program

Beyond individual lifestyle choices, formal involvement in sustainability by our campus community is crucial in advancing Butler University’s sustainability initiatives. Joining a Green Program at Butler is a quantifiable, meaningful way to participate in Butler’s institutional goals for those looking to take their sustainability journey to the next level.

Green Grad Program

An opportunity for student sustainability champions who are sustainability advocates at both Butler University and in their personal lives and careers. Green Grads have the opportunity to earn a green cord to wear at graduation following the completion of program requirements. 

Green Office Program 

In alignment with Butler’s interdisciplinary and office-wide sustainability efforts, Green Office provides Butler faculty and staff with fun and measurable challenges to be awarded a Green Office Certification. Green Offices compete to be awarded one of the following levels: Seedling, Sprout, Plant, and Perennial. How will your office score? 

Green Event Program

The Butler community hosts events of all sizes year-round. The Green Event program was formed to make an effort to collectively lower our environmental impact when hosting events, whether that’s through sustainable dining and catering options, waste management, or other event logistics. The Office of Sustainability recognizes Green Events through a certification process and offers sustainability support in the event planning process.

Course Connections and Curriculum 

In addition to Green Grad and Green Office programs, students, and faculty can bolster their campus sustainability involvement throughout their academic journeys. Whether you’re a student looking to join the Student Leadership Cohort or a faculty member seeking to integrate sustainability into curriculum, visit our Course Connections page for more information.